About Childmentalhealth.ca

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This site is dedicated to improving child mental health services in the primary care setting by promoting the use of evidence-based information and the efficient use of evidence-based rating scales in every day practice. Primary care providers are tasked with the delivery of two thirds of mental health services, and early identification is important. It is our vision that this website will help primary care providers to fulfil their role as first contact and ongoing support for children with mental health disorders to remain in their medical home for the benefit of future generations.


To promote awareness of child mental health and increase access to best-practice and evidence-based resources.

HOW IT WORKS (Resources)

The Resources Components of this website can be accessed by anyone at any time.

HOW IT WORKS (Rating Scales)

The Rating Scales portal of this website requires health care providers to create an account (rating scales -> health care provider -> register). When an account is created, the health care provider can direct their clients and/or collateral supports of their clients to this site and complete rating scale(s) as indicated. Once completed, the scale is automatically scored and the health care provider is notified. The health care provider logs on to the website to view the client’s submission and optionally download the report (PDF) for their records.


The rating scales included on this site have been selected based on their evidence with, and applicability to, the paediatric population. Appropriate permissions via scale developers were obtained to use the rating scales included on this website as necessary.


Thank you to the group of dedicated professionals led by Dr. Eden McCaffrey, Dr. Sam Chang and Dr. Blair Ritchie for their contributions to this website.


Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care – Information on collaborative activities between mental health and primary care providers in Canada and other countries: http://www.shared-care.ca/ 


This website is sponsored by a registered charitable trust developed in 2009. Thank you to the following for providing financial support to build and maintain this website:

  • Support by a Medical grant from Purdue Pharma (Canada)
  • Support from Shire Pharma Canada ULC