The Anxiety Canada website has information and offers access to proven resources for children, youth and families

The FoundryBC website has information and resource specific to anxiety

The Teen Mental Health website has information, resources, and tools related to Anxiety

The Here to Help website has information and resources related to Anxiety


Online workbook with modules related to anxiety developed by The Center for Clinical Interventions

FoundryBC has apps, websites, games and more

MindMasters (MM) is an evidence-informed, mental health promotion resource

MindShift is a Mobile Application designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety

Anxiety Workbook for Teens online and downloadable for free

Online CBT guided sessions from the Living Life to the Full website

Mind your Mind has interactive tools and resources

Mood Gym is an interactive online CBT based program and workbook for anxiety

Anxiety Self-Management Information for Teens from Alberta Health Services

Anxiety Canada Youth has some great videos along with tips and strategies

Anxiety Canada has printable resources for children, teens and parents

Information and worksheet to help shift negative anxious thinking

Helping children with Fears information for parents


Anxiety self-check tool for self assessment from FoundryBC

Anxiety self-check tool for self assessment from HereToHelp BC