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We are currently working to better serve the needs of our community across Canada. This area is still under development, please continue to check back as we add content.

Normal, healthy child development often includes some ups and downs or bumps in the road, but it is important to know that mental health disorders are not uncommon. In fact, one in five children suffers from at least one mental health disorder. It is important to recognize and seek help for mental health, the same way you would for physical health, because the two are one in the same.

… it is all “health”!

The internet can be a valuable resource, but can be riddled with incorrect information. The aim of this website is to compile resources from reputable places specific to various mental health concerns. In addition to using these resources, we encourage you to also speak with your primary healthcare provider (i.e. family physician) about any concerns you may be experiencing related to your / your child’s mental health. This website and its contents are designed for educational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice pertaining to psychological conditions. This website does not render psychological advice or professional services.


  • Emergency and crisis support is available across Canada: CrisisServicesCanada

  • Mental health services or support is available in your community: eMentalHealth

  • Parents Guide to getting good care – Child Mind Institute: Overview